Unlimited sports for only €10 per month!

Are you keeping track of your steps?

And we mean physically, of course! In addition to diving into the books, sitting on the wooden chairs in lecture or class and working on practical assignments, it is important to keep moving!

Cycling, running, strength training, swimming and more. You can do that via HBO sports for only a tenner a month! You can’t pass that up, can you?

Register with HBO-sport to be able to exercise for €10 per month at, among others;

Do you study in Emmen and do you live in Assen? No worries, you’ll be able to sport in both places!

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Website: https://www.hbosport.nl/

Unlimited sports for only € 10, – per month!

Do you love sports and would like to go to the gym but not pay too much? Then sign up on the website of HBO-sport. And sport for € 10 per month at, among others:

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