4 tips for studying outside in the sun

In these tropical temperatures, it is anything but tempting to sit in a crowded room studying for your exams. Let alone staying in your room to hang the books upstairs. Of course, you prefer to sit 😊 on a terrace.

1. Charge on that laptop!
Nothing is more annoying than plopping down in the park with all your books and your laptop and finding out that the battery of your laptop is (almost) empty. Since there are no parks with charging stations for laptops yet, there are two things you can do. First, make sure your laptop is charged. Second, buy a power bank for your laptop. This is a small investment, but it’s one that pays off in spades.

2. Make sure you are ‘sunproof’ yourself
When you are concentrating in the sun, you sit completely still and the sun’s rays burn on your skin. Therefore, make sure that you are well lubricated.

3. Drink smoothies or a non-alcoholic cocktail
When you’re studying outside, it’s tempting to grab an alcoholic beverage. There is a small problem here: when you consume alcohol, your ability to concentrate decreases significantly. Moreover, the lecture material you are sifting through will also seem less and less important. The solution: make your own smoothies and take them with you in a cooler.

4. Make sure you get enough relaxation
Don’t spend hours in the park with your hunched back over a book or at your laptop: take a short break every hour and go for a short walk or do a few stretches. Before you know it, that healthy mind is in an extremely healthy body (see also point 3) and you ace those exams.

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