What can you earn with a side hustle?

Which side hustle can actually earn you the most? Here are 5 examples with salary indication per hour:

1. Day-trip work
Salary: From 8 to 16 euros. Day work involves jobs that have to be carried out in the short term. From handing out leaflets to counting the traffic on the road: These are short assignments of usually 1 day. Day work is not only easy, but also very lucrative.

2. Telephone sales
Salary: 8 euros. Many companies like to have students to sell their products. Think of telecom companies, energy companies and also charities. If you reach your target, you can often earn a bonus as well.

3. Administrative work
Salary: 9 – 10 euros. Companies with large computer systems and many customers, such as banks, insurers and energy companies, pay well for relatively simple administrative tasks such as putting personal data of new or relocated policyholders into the computer.

4. Student Driver
Salary 8 – 11 euros. A big advantage of a part-time job as a student driver is the waiting time between your shifts. You can fill this in yourself, but you will be paid. Great opportunity to look at your textbooks while waiting.

5. Handing out samples
Salary: 7 – 9 euros. Free distribution of ice creams, crisps, detergent, newspapers or any other product in discotheques, on the street or on the beach.

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