Get out there!

February and March. Not always the nicest months in terms of weather, but it remains so important to go out every now and then! Get some exercise, clear your head. And what place better to do this than in nature-rich Emmen?! Exactly. Nowhere! Therefore, we’ve got 5 tips for you within cycling distance of the center!

1. Climbing ‘The Wall of Emmen’
De Muur van Emmen (the wall of Emmen) is one of the highest points within cycling distance of Emmen, and it is known as a very challenging cycling hill. Yet you can also just walk or run on it! At the very top you can see very far and see how rich the natural environment is!

2. Discover the cycling course Zuidenveld
Emmen has a beautiful cycling track, the Wielerbaan Zuidenveld, where you can enjoy a challenging and hilly cycling course. Do you dare to organize a competition?

3. The Meerdijk
De Meerdijk, the sports park next to the FC Emmen stadium, is truly a source of various sports fields. Here you can play baseball, rugby, handball, volleyball, hockey, swimming, athletics and so much more! Go visit it! Maybe there is something for you!

4. Valtherbos or the Noordbargerbos
Are you a little overwhelmed? Then take a break from your studies and explore these green oases. Go for a walk, jog or simply organize a picnic with fellow students. It’s a great way to stay active and enjoy nature at the same time.

5. Accessible sports
Still looking for something different with more attention to accessible sports? Then you can always contact Uniek Sporten. Uniek Sporten has drawn up a super handy map with all the sports in Emmen that you can practice (with a disability). Go to for the map!

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