How to fill your bills

Piece month at the end of your money? Can’t you wait for ‘Uncle DUO’ to foot the bill again? Of course it can happen to the best. That’s why we have 5 tips for you to last longer with less money this month!

  1. Just put a lid on the pan when you cook. Saves a lot of energy! And energy costs money.
  2. Download the Too Good To Go app! This contains top products for reasonable prices.
  3. Take out a Spotify family subscription with your housemates. Because why do everyone pay individually for their own subscription?
  4. A little veggie makes a huge difference. Meat products are often the most expensive part of your meal. Maybe a good time to try something new? Pasta alla Norma for example?
  5. Shop for the week and buy in bulk! Two birds with one stone! You save by not doing unnecessary shopping and you also ultimately have a cheaper price for your products. Nice man!

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