Study tips

Hey you! The exam period is approaching, but relax, you don’t have to completely give up your social life. Here are five quick and smart tips to study effectively and still make room for social contact.

1. Pomodoro-Power Study Sessions:
Use the Pomodoro technique with 25-minute study blocks and reward yourself with a short social media break. Stay efficient and still connected!

2. Study Dates with Friends:
Schedule study dates with fellow students for motivation and a sense of community. Take a break after each session to share experiences.

3. Mindful Study:
Add mindfulness to your routine. Meditate before each study block for stress reduction and better concentration.

4. Active Study Breaks:
Make breaks active. Do a short workout or dance to music to boost your energy levels.

5. Digital Detox Evenings:
Plan digital detox evenings for better sleep quality and a fresh start the next day.

Balance is the key! Good luck with cramming, studying and preparing! And uhm, don’t forget to relax every now and then!

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