Time for a break!

Important! Spring break is coming again! From February 17 to February 25 you could relax from studying and watch Netflix for a whole week. However, would you like to do something more active and get out of the house? Then we have some tips!

  • Escape Room Adventure:
    Test your team skills and solve challenging puzzles in an escape room. An exciting and fun activity to do with friends!
  • Sculpture workshop at Atelier Bea Venema:
    Every Wednesday you can discover your creative side in the sculpture workshop of Atelier Bea Venema in Nieuw Amsterdam. A unique experience to create art yourself!
  • Van Gogh House:
    Discover the Van Gogh House, the place where Vincent van Gogh lived. A must-visit for art lovers!
  • Shop & Relax in the Center:
    Explore the cozy city center, shop for nice items and enjoy local delicacies in the various eateries.
  • Mountain biking in Valtherbos:
    Rent a mountain bike and explore the challenging trails of the Valtherbos. Be active in beautiful nature!
  • Catering exploration:
    Discover the local catering industry! Taste delicious dishes and enjoy fun in the various food and beverage outlets. Share your favorite spots!

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