Tips for a small room

Tips small room

Tip 1: Make optimal use of the space you have. For example, go for a sofa bed instead of a regular bed or choose a loft bed under which you can put a closet.

Tip 2: Choose a high cabinet where you can store a lot of things. In addition, wall shelves are also ideal for creating extra storage space.

Tip 3: Choose a bed with storage space or a bed with space underneath so you can slide storage boxes under it to save space.

Tip 4: No extra space for a desk? Then choose a table where you can also study or work.

Tip 5: Don’t have space for a wardrobe? A clothing rack often takes up less space and you can still store a lot of clothes on it.

Tip 6: To measure is to know. Measure your room well and make a floor plan of your room to scale. This way you can decorate your room in advance and you can make optimal use of the space you have.

Tip 7: Use a room divider. This allows you to easily create multiple rooms within one room. For example, you can use a room divider for this, but also a cupboard (immediately extra storage space) or a curtain.

Tip 8: Go for light colors in your interior. By using light colors, the room looks larger and calmer. Do you still want to use colors? Then go for colorful accessories.

Tip 9: Hang a large mirror. As a result, the room will soon appear a lot larger.

Tip 10: Use the space above and around the door. For example, by hanging shelves above the door, placing a narrow cabinet next to it or hanging a shoe rack on your door, you create extra storage space.

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