8 tips for a good start to this academic year.

Back to school! After a wonderful holiday period, which always feels too short, it’s almost time for the study benches again! So to spend the last few vacation days as wonderfully as possible, it is useful that you have your things in order. This way you have a few more days of ultimate rest before you get back to work!

That’s why we present the golden tips to start the academic year off right!

  1. Implement that always nagging update of your computer or laptop. May also be the case for your Microsoft programs!
  2. Check whether you are properly registered for all courses and whether your login details are still correct.
  3. Is your transport to the study still okay? Do you perhaps need to repair a bicycle tire, or check your subscription for public transport? This is the time!
  4. Do that major cleaning session in your dorm, studio or apartment. Now is the time to start fresh. Clean is overview, and overview is peace. So get at it!
  5. What are your goals for the coming year? Both at your studies and personally!
  6. Will you soon have a good balance between leisure activities and study? Maybe it’s good to immerse yourself in a sports club!
  7. Take into account regaining your rhythm. We can imagine that you have been to a few parties during the summer holidays, which means that your sleep rhythm is slightly different!
  8. Take a break and relax by the water, in the park or on a sports field!

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