Exams in November; what is the best preparation?

One dreads it, and the other doesn’t really change. However, it is an thrilling period for the largest group of students; exam weeks! Perhaps it is your first exam week at your new study, or as a senior student you need some tips to prepare yourself as well as possible. Anyway, we have some tips for you so that you can get the most credits!

  1. Plan well and start studying on time Okay, of course you’ve heard this a thousand times from people around you, and it feels like a cliché. But still, if you start on time, you ensure that you also have enough time to do fun things and relax a bit. Spending our life for few weeks as a bookworm until late at night is not a good idea!
  2. Participate actively during the lessons/lectures We know, another cliché. Do it anyway and you will be amazed at how much you already know and how much information you can reproduce in this way.
  3. Agree at fixed times with your fellow students to study For example, in the library, in a coffee shop or just after your lessons. This way you can help each other with topics that are a bit more difficult. If you can explain the material to someone else, you know you understand everything! Studying together is of course also more fun than studying alone.
  4. Find your preferred study method There are many different methods of studying, and everyone swears by a different method. Highlighters, using small cards and more. Yet there is a method that we can recommend to everyone; from big to small. Make sure you know the main topics you need to study first, and get a little more specific about the material each time. This way you know that you treat everything, and that you give everything the same amount of attention.
  5. Take a practice exam And make one for each other if necessary! Test each other on the material you have to study, so that you know to what extent you can apply your knowledge.
  6. Know where to go Yes, very important is knowing where to be. Sometimes it is the case that you are in special exam rooms, or that there are schedule changes. Check it out!

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