Have a great holiday! What is there for students to do this summer?

Finally! After a year of hard labor in the library, studying with friends and anticipating exams, the time has come. Your summer vacation has started!

But what are you going to do with all that free time? What is there to do at all? We have the answers, so quickly read further!

22-07 – 30-07: Carnival in the center

Swinging and swaying in the attractions, old-fashioned can throwing or do you think you’re lucky with the grab machines? Then the fair is the place for you! The fair is displayed for a week in the parking lot of the town hall. Also want some Churros to go?

30-07: Gouden Pijl

A real must visit! At the annual cycling battle in Emmen, the top Dutch cyclists will show their skills during a blistering race. Not a cycling enthusiast? Even then there is plenty of fun and entertainment! The entire center has been transformed into a festival area with three different music squares where there will be crushing performances. All free of charge!

26-08: Rainbow Festival

Feast of love! After a successful and cheerful start to the festival last year, the festival had to return this year! On August 26, the center of Emmen will be dominated by conviviality, acceptance and tolerance. The well-known artists who will come there, and the pink church that is there, provide an excellent atmosphere!

02-09 – 03-09: Culinary MM

For the connoisseurs! A two-day festival that revolves around food? We are already salivating! Restaurateurs from all over the area present themselves to the festival audience with the tastiest dishes, the most unique wines and the most refreshing beers. What are you waiting for? Buy your tickets quickly!

And in between?

In between these festivals there is also plenty to do in Emmen and the surrounding area. For example, we have the best nature reserves and you will find a vibrant entertainment center on Saturday evening. For example, go;

  • Walking in Bargerveen, and something to eat at restaurant Wollegras
  • Imagine yourself to be Vincent van Gogh, in the Van Gogh House Drenthe, where he used to live
  • Watch a game of FC Emmen
  • Meet up for a picnic in the Rensenpark
  • Marvel at the amount of animals in Wildlands Adventure Zoo
  • Swimming at the Kibbelkoele or the Rietplas

And do you want more inspiration? Then also check the agenda of Emmen Center via Emmen Centrum – Agenda

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