Just do it: take a stroll every day

You are busy every day. Work, study, social life, your household work and then you also have to do shopping and cook at the end of a long day. And don’t forget: study! It’s quite a lot. Reason enough to take extra good care of yourself.

If you take a stroll every day, it ensures better physical and mental health. It provides more productivity and energy, so just do it! Start a walking competition with your fellow students and download the Ommetje app. This app was developed by Erik Scherder, professor of neuroneuropsychology. At the end of each walk you get an interesting brain fact.

In short:

  • A walk every day is good for your health
  • Walking provides productivity, relaxation and more energy
  • Walking makes you more creative
  • Walking is even more fun when you are walking with someone

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